Our Mission

American culture has evolved in such a way that our national musical heritage, the uniquely American art form of jazz, has been relegated to the sidelines. We want to help change that. From education to outreach, from promotion to performance, we want to cultivate a new and informed audience for Americaís most original art form.

Lighthouse Arts, Inc. was established to improve the quality of jazz education by making accessible the opportunities for students and the community at large to learn and experience the many dimensions of jazz music and the creative artists who play it. We shall incorporate partnerships with the community, schools and arts organizations that will recapture, teach and preserve the musicís history and culture, in an accessible environment that promotes awareness and appreciation.

Lighthouse Arts, Inc. differentiates itself from other small and large jazz organizations by focusing on the artist. Our mission is to acknowledge, celebrate, document and support those individuals who creatively represent jazz by utilizing broadcast and print media along with concerts that shall be held in the areas best performance venues. Our founders represent a cross-section of the regionís jazz, education, and business leaders.